Submissions Open for Call of Duty: Black Ops!

call of duty black ops

With the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops, the Top 10 Series is now accepting submissions for the first three episodes. The episodes that are currently accepting submissions are Episode 1: Amazing Kills, Episode 2: WTF Moments, and Episode 3: Killcams. To submit, click on “Submit a Video”, then click “Call of Duty: Black Ops”, and finally fill out the submission form.

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  1. Michael says:

    Entered for episode 1. :D My first time entering for an episode.

    • Tristan says:

      yea i uploading my tomahawk cross map nuke town it bounced of a small railing a hit a guy right in the foot i have it edited on my channel check it out search: ninjaoftheirek sub please and goood luck to everyone

      • kY says:

        hey guys what format do u upload in?

      • kevin says:

        dude that sounds sick let me go check it out but I'm going sub you

      • alex says:

        i got a tomahawk across the map on launch and got an ace. it hit off th pipes and hit c4 and it blown them all to was on search and destroy

        • Mamie says:

          I was hionpg to at least hear some Katy Perry music in the background. I like your t-shirt…funny!

        • Masoma says:

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      • ArcTicMonKey02 says:

        Check out my youtube channel as well x8GRIFFIN8x

    • Donny says:

      Im uploading my Six kill streak with a tomahawk. And my multikill collateral with dual pythons!

    • hunter says:

      hey my camera suks so my videos are bad but if you want to c the top 6 tomohawks go to my file share and send me a friend request Main Man2323


      In search and Destroy i got 6 man feed in one Killcam..

  2. mrcc au says:

    entered my noscope hope i get in :D

  3. loiwiol says:

    Good luck guys! :)

  4. Stephen says:

    Entered my 4 kills with one grenade and a double kill killcam in One in the Chamber

  5. charles says:

    im gonna upload my 6-kill napalm strike on firing range

  6. Aminaminam says:

    First time I uploaded/entered for top10series, and why not begin with 3 clips. my youtube is cenrap58 if u want to see them. :D :D :D

  7. Stephen says:

    Entered another clip. My youtube is kakashi12210 if you want to see the clips

  8. KILLERCRACK says:

    i entered my across map tomahawk on jungle. its amazing me and my friend followed it on free and it bounced off a rock, off the ground and hit a guy that just spawned outside one of the huts!!! it was in my 3rd match!!! check it out on my youtube 1KILLERCRACK

  9. Kaj Witteveen says:

    how do you know if your in a episode

  10. x RaWr Dinosaur says:

    I submitted my ballistic knife headshot across Havana.. I hope I get in.

  11. x ScriizZ says:

    I subbed a WA2000 noscope across WMD and a glitch out on WMD
    youtube: xscriizz

  12. FataL Faith au says:

    I submitted my across map noscope game winning kill for search and destroy with the L96, the guy was barely visible.

  13. Chefman470 says:

    I just wanted to ask, whats the day line for Episode 1: Amazing Kills before you stop taking uploads?

  14. Chefman470 says:

    Dead* sorry, typo

  15. teina maoate says:

    get me in lol

  16. travisklaver says:

    if you guys want to see the most amazing no scope, i mean a 1 in a million shot, can never be done again. go to youtube/travisklaver and watch my 1 in a million shot no scope video. it will blow your mind

  17. travisklaver says:

    youtube/travisklaver for the most insane shot ever in call of duty history!!!!

    • FataL Faith au says:

      Rofl.. my noscope in Sd is way better than that.. stop big talking bud..

    • iTz Codzillaa says:

      ive had a better one that that and i hit it first sahot
      check out my triple on aray please tell me is that beast ?

  18. gt = senagazz , youtube = shchbb96 says:

    hey love all the comments, everyone go on my youtube or add me on xbox, have some cool vids, but my best is this amazing rebound knife i got , check it out – shchbb96 :)
    How do u kno if urs is on top ten then?

  19. VolcomX760X says:

    I just submitted my amazing tomahawk. Cross map bank. Youtube=kingkarisma5

  20. OlympicGimp says:

    Does it what format you send the video link in?

  21. ElmgroveFC12 says:

    How will we know if our clip was picked?

  22. xDEADLYxxVIPERx says:

    iv uploaded a clip . 4 kill spray with m16 . check out my youtube channel .its xDEADLYxxVIPERx plz watch my vids comment rate subscribe add as freind would help . thanks

  23. o1Miku_Hatsune1o says:

    I entered for episode 6-Lucky Kills heres my vid, but i edited this 1 not the one i entered, u can tell its edited cas i moved out my guy 2 see where it stuck, and it got the neck :P

  24. corey says:

    i sent in my awsome tomahawk kill on nuketown my youtube is iownnubs87 if you want to check it out

  25. koosiekeesiej says:

    check out these lucky lucky, lucky tomahawk kills :D

  26. GinnyzUK says:

    im uploading my triple crossbow on s&d
    watchi it on my youtube :P ginnyzuk

  27. XlGaMe_OveRlx says:

    Idude00 is my YouTube account check out my video isumitted for Lucky Kils 360 noscope across the Map!!!!!

  28. steveblah says:

    My Crossbow glitch/ lucky kill is going to make the "lucky kills" top 10 without a doubt :)

    Rather not spoil it, but I haven't seen anything like it on youtube so far. Y'all going to lol when you see it!

  29. Jeff says:

    I have a 6 rcxd kill but the clip is 37 s long. Is there anyway to shorten it ? Plus my USB won't work on the xbox. It doesn't configure. HELP ME PLEASE!

  30. mike says:

    is there any way to not use a cap card to go from theater mode to

  31. PS3 FTW says:

    add me, psn – TRG_Vision,
    Check out my clan`s youtube – TRGxGAMING, not TrueReatardGamers…and check out my channel – MyMomTried2KillMe, Cya…wanna play zombie with me on black ops?

    • Sayanthan says:

      Enjoyed loonikg at this, very good stuff, thanks . “A man may learn wisdom even from a foe.” by Aristophanes.

  32. matty says:

    i entered for the multikill episode which is episode 4… It says their taking submissions for the 1st 3 episodes.. Will i have to send my clip in again later?

  33. Cs x Derivative says:

    I have two pretty awesome clips. One is two on-purpose across the map tomahawks in the same match (Ep. 1), and the other is I threw a tomahawk and it rolled across the floor hitting someone in the foot for the final kill (Ep. 2). Problem is, no cap card, only theater. Anyone want to add me and record? xP I'd use my camera, but the quality is awful lol.

  34. im1337 says: :D

  35. shysta kid says:

    I uploaded 2 videos, one with a distance ballistic knife kill and one on Gun game a multi kill with sniper and a no scope, can you guys check it out on youtube and tell me if its good or not. thanks, youtube account is shysta11.

  36. Daragas says:

    Entered my:
    Lucky Tomahawk across the map on RX-D getting Multikill

  37. saldefoort says:

    entered my no scope headshot over the map array, wich is verryy bbiggg :ppp

  38. xHELLCHILDx915x says:

    I submitted my 4 kill beast video.
    chck out my yout tube channel just search for xHELLCHILDx915x
    please subscribe

  39. alonjos17 says:

    Submitted my Ballistic knife kill on Nuketown over the bus.

  40. thecrazedBRIT says:

    I have some clips on youtube not sure how to submit them here but I think that quickscoping is not dead as I am able to move play aggressively with the sniper check them out comment and let me know what you think just search thecrazedBRIT on youtube search

  41. SuperODeluxe says:

    might send in my double spawn tomahawk on Summit

  42. XxChooiixX says:

    Where are Episodes 4 + 5?

  43. Den_thony says:

    uploaded 2 vids: tomahawk bankshot first blood accross the map cracked and a 360° spin tomahawk headshot kill.

    Youtube: anth159

  44. NocternalNijaa says:

    Does anyone know when this ends?

  45. frankiman says:

    how do i know if my clip got on one of the episodes???

  46. purpovich says:

    i just send clip in :D 6 killfeed first 2 kills then i get stunned and get 2 collats :D its really nice with a druganov (acog+ silencer)

    • Payal says:

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  47. osvaldo robledo says:

    i dont know how to send a clip but my youtube account is ozzyexo and i got a multikill on jungle search and destroy zero_exo rolling thunder

  48. J1-TheQuestion says:

    I have 2 shots with the L96A1 no cross hairs in the scope

  49. HAX3R50 says:

    well i know i might not be on my recording sucks but i got a half across map through window hit the guy. well anyway i bet urs are better wish me luck

  50. HAX3R50 says:

    how do u record and send it to them without usin vid cam (i have ps3)

    • BK--1991--BK says:

      u need to make an account with youtube then with and like it all together then record a 30 or less secong clip to snd it

  51. BK--1991--BK says:

    i uploaded in wmv its a 360 pistol witch to sniper dubble triangle tap no scope dubble kill (1 head shot 1 body shot)

  52. BK--1991--BK says:

    how do u no iv ur vid gets used

  53. Zinghanger77 says:

    I randomly shot a clamore through a roof to kill a camper who was carring the bomb.

  54. Samnation55 says:

    Tomahawk and 2 quickscopes SnD clutch. Hope I make it in.(almost triple kill cam.. sadly just was a double)

  55. [NL] Dahollandahh says:

    i hope you like it its an across map jungle tomahawk bounces against a rock than wall than rock and spins on a stone and than kils a player i never saw smting like this i hope you like it


  56. LeGiiT o MaGiiC says:

    i uploaded an amazing frag kill across the map on SUMMIT

  57. XxEL1T3_sNiPa_Xx says:

    hey u should check out my channel its got a few coll vidz and anyone who wants 2 Sun4Sub or Box4Box just go to my channel (joelcool37) subscribe

  58. SF_Rebellion77 says:

    I'm gonna post a Random//Epic/Amazing Tomahawk

  59. GRPredatop says:

    hi i uploded amazing kill sniper no scope S&D my best kill

  60. T Rx KiiNG says:

    i have a quad boobtrap on my trailer if you think its worth enough upload it and use it for watever you like to find it check out my channel MONST3RzGaming but my new name is T Rx Kiing but its still my gameplay :)

  61. Acceptive says:

    this knife was insane the guy was behind me and i still killed him watch on my channel Accpetive the video that has 4 days ago.sick knife tho

  62. GClutch-iMPaCTz says:

    How do you find out if you get in??

  63. Relaxed Leester says:

    When will we be able to submit for the next episodes?

  64. MyNameIs Weezyy says:

    i uploaded a vid of my friends tomahawk going underground and then killing someone when the respawned!!!

  65. anthony says:

    i uploaded a video of sam turret fail that blew my self up. :D

  66. Reese says:

    I uploaded for multikill
    random 4 kill nade + payback =D

  67. iMax XD says:

    I uploaded my tomohawk across the map followed by a no scope across the map :L check me out – MaxSnipeCo

  68. ArcTicMonKey02 says:

    My youtube account x8GRIFFIN8x has a large bunch of random tomahawks. i got em all within about 12 hours too amazingly. i have about 11 random tomahawk kills including some pretty epic ones. I've submitted my favs.

  69. anibal O. says:

    six plus 1 stolen care packegehttp

  70. cody says:

    Entered my double road rage triple kill with 1 extra kill right after the explosions had he been 2 seconds earlier it would have been a multi kill.

  71. tomahawkking says:

    i send 2 videos for tomahawk episode hope one get pick…. on across submit map… other one tomahawks to a camper.

  72. L23fireye says:

    HEY dude do a top 10 episode with best knifing of Ballistic knife killstreak

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    • Ran says:

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  73. joe says:

    i got a no scope headshot across the map on villa (no steady aim)

  74. quickscoper4life says:

    i hope my 1 gets in it a 360 qs ftw!

  75. Triicks Peanut says:

    I got this REALLY good video on my file share but I can't record it so it would be a GREAT help if someone can record it and submit it. I get attack dogs with balistic knife only! My gamertag is: Triicks Peanut

  76. splif says:

    i make a headshot with a flashbang random

  77. Brandon says:

    YEh I just got a tomahawk cross map on summit that bounced of top of the middle of the map went crate at the other and bank shotted off the wall off the floor into a guys leg but I dont want to go through the time to upload itd be to confusing but its on meh file share on 360 GT : XxKillerK0ck

  78. noah says:

    my username on xbox is thorntail12 and i have an insane ballistic triple kill on my file share so could you guys add me and check it out

  79. xRONA1DxDREG4Nx says:

    yo check out my file share for black ops nothing but noscope montages and across map tomahawk kills its pretty dope.



  81. justinmvg23 says:

    well it is not really special but i did a across the map on wmd I have it on file share

  82. shuttershades3/XxF3ARLESSxX says:

    retarded teammates (nuketown 24/7) and blind through smoke kills (hazard domination)

  83. nick says:

    my tomahawk was an across the map on hotel my youtube name is 100solareclipse please sub

  84. alkey187 says:

    my hardcore snd tomahawk on berlin wall was epic i got to make it in my youtube name is alkey187

  85. xVeGaming says:

    Curently doing my other tomahawk only montage ,
    I will let you know when its done ,
    Please sub channel. xVeGaming.


  86. xxXsuperstevexxX says:

    I will like to get 1600 microsoft

  87. DPK x DevilKill says:

    Hey Anoj i have 2 clips i have 1 a 360 no scope and a across the map from mw3 i hope you can put 1 of the clips in the top 10 KillCams my youtube account: jurrian7357

  88. Kody_Z45 says:

    hi i have a video but i cant upload it its on ps3 if u want to see it go to my theater my psn name is Kody_Z45 it is the one on summit its the sixth one i get a 5 tomahawk streak with one tomahawk in under 1 minute…..its like one after another

  89. Kody_Z45 says:

    hi i have a video but i cant upload it its on ps3 if u want to see it go to my theater my psn name is Kody_Z45 it is the one on summit its the sixth one i get a 5 tomahawk streak with one tomahawk in under 1 minute…..its like one after another

  90. Shockman says:

    I was rnediag through some of your content on this website and I conceive this website is very informative! Keep on posting.

  91. Rossana says:

    Real nice disegn and style and superb subject matter, very little else we want .

  92. tyler says:

    how do you uploud your oun vids your web site

  93. tyler says:

    how do i submit vids on your site

  94. jose says:

    Put up more videos for black ops wtf ppl still play and watch them :(

  95. xxconquerxx_911 says:

    dude i need help i want to submit a video of black ops but i don't know how???

  96. LyRiCAL iNSANiTy says:

    insane tomahawk across the map

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