Countdown Extra Map Pack

Yes, we’re announcing our very own Top 10 Series community map pack! This collaboration is designed to get your maps a bit of fame, who doesn’t want their map to be played?

The rules are as follows:

  • Maps must be submitted by December 31
  • To submit, you must have a minimum of 100 posts on our official community forums at time of submission. Feel free to register and post— just no spam, please.
  • Maps must be of your own work! If co-forged with another user, include their name if they did major work on the map.
  • Only complete, normal-gameplay maps allowed. No minigames are allowed.
  • Any map where the author is different than the editor must have cleared permission from the original author and editor via XBL message to the gamertag: ‘CookieMan0′.
  • Only 2 submissions per user. Group-made maps can have 2 maps per member.

How to submit, you ask?

Go here and create a reply to the thread. Submissions by users with less than 100 forum posts will not be entered into the contest. Post formatting can be found in the thread.

The collected maps will be linked via fileshare when selected. If you win, keep your maps in your file share. They will be linked to to give you credit for your maps. 6 maps will be chosen in total. They will be submitted to the Bungie homepage and possibly be integrated into matchmaking.

Happy forging, and good luck!

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  1. Luis Angel says:

    all you are the best

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