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xbox 360 headsets

“Attack that noob!”. “What are you doing?! PLANT THE BOMB!”. “It’s raining men. Hallelujah it’s raining…..yeah mom?”. “Bzzztttt…….BZZTTTT”.

Ah yes, Xbox LIVE as well as other gaming networks are filled with the many glorious sounds of fellow gamers (and angry 10 year-olds). But scratch the age discrimination, I’m going to talk to you all about the importance of headsets in gaming. A good headset can mean the difference between your perfect stealth mission, and you getting killed by the guy that just flanked your squad.

Take your starter 360 Headsets for example:

Standard issued Xbox 360 headsets

-Convenient size
-Standard, No high price.
-Fairly effective

“Oh boy! Nothing I love better than getting a free pair of headsets! *3 weeks later* Oh what’s this? My mic is lagging? You can’t hear me? No halo 4?”

It seems that the standard issued headsets aren’t as efficient as you’d think. Now if you’re a kind, responsible guy or gal, your headsets would last pretty long. But if you’re like me or Chuck Norris, your headsets won’t make it past the pre-game lobby without having a problem. The key to a healthy headset is quality. Headsets come free with a system for a reason. You can go online and check out other headsets that are more effective and deliver much more bang for your buck.  Now I can tell you to get the most expensive headsets you can buy and they won’t let you down, but there’s a better option: Search! That’s right! The ability to get what you desire is to look for it! Too lazy? No problem. Here’s my advice and recommendations:

There triton headsets run for around $120. I’ve tried them out before and they more than deliver, they wrap it up in a box, fight hordes of ninja zombies, and mail it to you in person with a happy jingle. Okay, so they’re not godly, and you probably can’t shell out $120, but these are for that gamer that wants to advance a bit from the average gamer. They have great sound and are pretty hard to break (unless of course you run over them with your car)

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…..TURTLE BEACHES! Otherwise known as the Ear Force X11 Amplified Stereo Headset with chat (Turtle Beach for short) These headsets are highly recommended and run around $50. “Now Amalos, that doesn’t sound very pricey. What’s the catch?”. Silly reader, money is for people with jobs! (Bad Trix yogurt reference) you don’t have to pay the most, to get the most. These headsets have good sound quality and also aren’t made of cardboard. They will last, they are durable, comfortable, and only require a couple batteries. They don’t cost much and are great for gaming.

The Chuck Norris of headsets

The baddest of the bad, the coolest of the cool, the most expensive of all headsets I have seen. Made from the leather of wild Alaskan werewolves, and the plastic made from Santa himself, the amazing: Astro A40 Headsets! You’ll never guess how much they cost. Too late, $199.95. Now before I call an ambulance to rush you to the ER I want to tell you that you must pay an additional $50 for the headsets to be used in online Xbox or PlayStation communication. Now hold on, I’m not done yet…..Actually I am. Look, these headsets may be something of a large expense, but I’m sure they are excellent, would you pay $250 for a paper cup? No! They are comfortable, delivers perfect sound quality, and have customizable options as well. They have foam padding in the ear cups and have padding for your heat (the size is adjustable of course) These headsets are used in MLG gaming and are for the Pro kids that love money. They are built to last and can’t fail to satisfy you. (but they might harm your parent’s wallets)

And there you have it, my brief reviews for a couple headsets and advice. There are of course other headsets on the internet, but I’m not writing an essay here. Go explore, think you can find better headsets? Great! I’m here to show you the way, you just gotta walk any path you please.

Now go back to watching episodes of the Top 10 Series or doing your homework. If you have any suggestions or see anything we missed, feel free to drop by on the forums. It only takes a couple clicks and typing to join, I promise we’ll be nice to you. This is Amalos signing off. *bleep bloop*

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  1. Frank says:

    nice!! i have a triton headset and they are SO worth it!

  2. CJ says:

    Astros aren't all that amazing. I have a pair and I'm disappointed in them after using a friend's SteelSeries Siberia V2's.
    I'm getting Turtle Beach HPXs before long.

  3. Killstreaking says:

    Turtle Beach HPA2 have much better sound quality than Astro A40.

  4. Jared says:

    Yeah, I've owned a pair Astro A40s and they were a huge disappointment. You're paying for the name, not the quality. They break incredibly easily and sound quality is really nothing to write home about.

    If you really want a quality headset for console gaming and have a bottomless pocket, I suggest picking up the Astro Mixamp and a Sennheiser or Razer headset (The Mixamp is compatible with any standard non-usb headset).

  5. jeovany julio ruiz says:


  6. jake says:

    look at mine it is bobthebob9 add me as a frend and then look at o my nuke town kill one of iit is idk

  7. MARCUS says:

    The best headset is Beyer Dynamic Headzone Game. They cost €1,290

  8. izup69 says:

    got triton 720+ best headset I have owned. Super smooth sound and great bass for them nades

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