Infinity Ward Vs. Treyarch: The Fight of a Century

The moment we have all been waiting for! This is the fight of the century ladies and gentlemen. Who will win? That is the question!!

We all know these two gaming names. They are two rival teams on the same side of a coin. They both have brought us some of the best online, and campaign play ever created.

A Short History of the Series

For those who do not know who these two companies are, I will give you a little background information on the two great companies. In October of 2003, Infinity Ward released a game that would forever change the world. This game was the original Call of Duty. It brought the intense fighting of World War II to the youth of America, with a Quake feel. Infinity Ward then continued to release more Call of Duty titles such as Call of Duty 2, Modern Warfare, and Modern Warfare 2. In the midst of the release of these revolutionary games a smaller not as well known company was making the same games for Activision. This company is Treyarch. The Call of Duty titles that Treyarch released are Call of Duty 2: Big Red One, Call of Duty 3, Call of Duty: World at War, and the much anticipated Call of Duty: Black Ops.

With the release of Black Ops, and the almost symbolic death of Modern Warfare 2, many arguments have aroused about which company and game is better. I am here to bring all the information I have read on this subject to you!

Who Will Win?

Lets start with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, or widely called Call of Duty 4. Call of Duty 4 was revolutionary in the online FPS world. Before now, Call of Duties were not widely played as an online community. I am not quite sure what it was about this game, but it started the wildfire of the next few years of gaming. Many people say that World at War, or WaW for short, was just a remake of Call of Duty 4. I do not believe this, it had different game types on top of the same, and was set in a different time period. This though started to turn people from WaW and any later Treyarch games, until people discovered Nazi Zombies.

Nazi Zombies was a huge add on to the Call of Duty series. It brought a third way to play the game, now there was online, campaign, and this mini game where you tear through wave after wave of zombies. Once people realized this, Treyarch saw a huge jump in their sales. But soon after they saw those sales, the most anticipated game of all time (until Black Ops) was released. This game was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare 2 was a HUGE game, and when Infinity Ward released it, it almost made it so they would have all further Call of Duties. It did that well. In the first 5 days it made 550 million dollars, which until then was never reached. This game was very good, but Infinity Ward blundered immensely with the online form of play. Many people were able to hack the game and create many glitches: the javelin glitch, care package glitch, the list goes on and on. Infinity Ward did fix these, but refused to fix things such as the One Man Army Grenade Launcher exploit, and arguably many overpowered guns. Once people realized that Infinity Ward was ignoring their players, many people refused to play the game. Many even returned to Call of Duty 4, seeing it as a more balanced game. Personally, I only played private matches with my friends because I was fed up with online play. What made much of the community mad was that the online manager did promise to fix the OMA Grenade Launcher exploit, but never did. This turned off many players. This continued for a year until Black Ops was released.

The world was forever changed on November 9, 2010. Call of Duty: Black Ops was released. In the first 5 days it made 650 million dollars, which blew Infinity Ward’s record out of the water. Treyarch has really listened to its online community with this game. They payed attention to ALL complaints of MW2 and did their very best to fix them. They got rid of OMA, and made it so tactical insertions could not be used in Free For All to boost killstreaks and other things. They even listened to the one player that did not like snipers, and did their best to get rid of sniper power. But in the first week Treyarch released 8 updates fixing everything they deemed unfair. To my best knowledge, that is more than Infinity Ward released in the whole life of MW2. These updates created the theme that Treyarch really cares about their community.

The Winner

In my opinion, although Infinity Ward has created the greatest video game series created, Treyarch really took it over the edge with their support of the community. What do you think? Leave your opinion in the comments below!

In the time you took to read this, you could have joined the Top 10 Series forums around 4 times, so go check the forums out! You can have a great time talking with me and other gamers about current gaming news and more. We have a great community – why don’t you join? This has been The Moldy Donut saying: “That is the way the cookie crumbles!”

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  1. Black Ops Sucks says:

    MW2 blows Black Ops out of the water as far as game quality goes. Sure, quick scoping was a little dumb, but at least you could hit people with a sniper in mw2. Black ops didn't just take away qs, they took away the ability to hit anything with a sniper. Not only that, but Black Ops has the absolute worst spawn system ever created. The worst map ever thought up – Nuketown. And they did add a lot to the game, but most of it is just useless garbage. Nobody who wants to get a lot of kills is going to use something as dumb as a ballistic knife or crossbow. Killstreaks only go up to, what, 11? No more "Omfg i got the f*kin nuke." No more sense of accomplishment as you get the highest ks in the game, cause really, 11 kills ain't hard to get, 25 can be. All around, mw2 was a much better game than Black Ops, and i believe Treyarch knows it. That's why they are doing so many more updates, not cause they care about the community, but because they know they bent the CoD series over a table with Black Ops, and are scrambling to make it playable. Infinity Ward wins hands down, for the 10 times more enjoyable game.

    • Black Ops Sucks says:

      I forgot one thing. Black ops didn't even ad as many things to the game as they took out. MW2 had a much wider variety not only of primary weapons, but secondary too. Black Ops doesn't even let you put attachments on Shotguns.

      • sumguyFTW says:

        As I said B4:

        black ops may of been better than mw2 because it "listened to its online community" but i still think that Infinity Ward takes it because of its better games like the first online COD game COD 2 no one rembers cod 3 at all and they toped that still when they had no community to tell them what to do thay made COD 4!!!! so that means that Infinity Ward made one ok game which was mw2 and I do have black ops and well it is still a gr8 game I think that Treyarch is olny made one good game (Black Ops) so I think that Infinity Ward wins this one

        • Joji says:

          Alright, this so what called "quickscoping" is highly unrealistic. Heck, COD is unrealistic, but what TreyArch did is the right thing. Quickscoping is nearly impossible, and in real life, your reticle or what ever its called will never point at the same thing.

          This is all about realism, not fake shit such like OMA and Commando. At least Treyarch fixed some of the "unrealistic" stuff in the game. Be happy!! :)

          • Black Ops Sucks says:

            I never said quick scoping was a good part of the game. I meant to say that if Treyarch intended to take out QS, they shouldn't have butchered sniper's in general. Realistically, sniper's don't have to get incredibely lucky just to hit the damn target. This goes along with their horribly designed hit box. Watch in the theatre with those shots you make that just make you scratch your head, cause you know you hit him. The bullets will have gone through his character, not damaging him. While some bullets that are "hits" will hit the air a foot beside or above him.

          • Joji says:

            Well, I have to agree on the hitmarker thing. I saw some videos. This guy hit someone, when they really didn't. Kinda odd. :/

          • owzzy135 says:

            You are right about the OMA, but commando isn't completely fixed. The balistic knife has a longer melee range and faster knifing and also, the balistic knife is also unreal. They have tried making it but the knife is always to heavy. In reality it would fall to the ground after 10 feet or so. They also put in the new hardline pro thing. You can't magically change what is in your care paccage and it's stupid because if a guy got ammo and then they swapped it and got a chopper gunner or gunship the you are f*cked. Not fair at all.

          • Nobody says:

            If you play Call of duty for its realism you shoud start playing Team Fortress its just as realistic. For a realistic game play battlefield.

        • YAY WAW says:

          i like WaW more then Black ops cuz of the action from the second world war

      • BlackOpsgamer1 says:

        It's just the olympia you can't put an attachment on…

      • i agree! says:

        i agree completely but im surprised that no one has brought up that in black ops u have to buy all your guns and like everything als i mean i like how in mw2 you earn things like red dot and stuff but in black ops you just buy wateva the heck you want theres no accomplishment i mean WTF

      • Treyarch is tha best says:

        nothing can top treyarch or call of duty

    • sumguyFTW says:

      you suck LOL

      • COD Sucks! says:

        Bad Company 2 FTW!!!!

        BC2, with all the vehicles and weapons and DLC, its fuc*ing awesome!!!!!

        • PLEASE DONT! says:

          PLEASE please dont get the Quickscoper fags to BC2, its the only thing i have left so i dont have to get a profanity ban for kicking off at people for 'quickscoping' and moaning at campers, i like cod 4 5 and 7 but 6 just fucked all of the realism ou of the game :'( so mw2'ers stay on MW2 and Bc2'ers stay on BC2 – end of. I HATE QUICKSCOPERS

        • The Critic says:

          I must say Battlefield did better than the Cod series but not as much people seem to play it. I f you haven' played any battlefield games i suggest you should at least rent it.

          • Danijela says:

            I saw him at rays and he was doing the srfuer over 5 jumps consecutive. then he was doing backflip trains. it was insane

          • Ariel says:

            OK, brfoee any one of you guys goes like “hahahahahah, he is a noob, he does not know shit”, and stuff like that. I just want you to look when this video was uploaded!

      • Pepa says:

        Read the boost you voitale good luck finding a lawyer to touch your case

    • TheBourneLegend says:

      Technically it's harder to get the max kill-streak in Black Ops because in MW2 all you had to do was get a Harrier (7 kill streak) than that and the Chopper Gunner would do all of the work. In Black Ops you have to legitimately get 11 kills. Also, Rust way worse than Nuketown because you could see all spawns from the top of the map in Rust. It's one bad map (in YOUR opinion by the way) just don't vote for it. Nobody is making you play it. Also are you really complaining about a game company trying to better their game for the community (fast as hell I might add)…SERIOUSLY?!?!?!

    • artic let down says:

      yer dude mw2, was a huge hit in the gaming indestery mw2 had it all, black ops just copyed, everything out of black ops is copyed heres an example…. mw2:op4 black ops:op40 mw:scavenger black ops:scavenger just a fad all of it thay tryed a little to hard, i think n went over board and everyday more people go back to cod4 n mw2, black ops even said the servers were going to be the best yet are thay fuck there shit severes ruined the cod experince for me and story made no fucking sence tryaarch stick to ww11 n ww1 you no what im saying mw2, FTW!!!!

      • sup brah says:

        if you're saying the black ops story made no sense, then you obviously have no knowledge of history. the plot twist in black ops revolved around president kennedy's assassination and the fact that the projectile of the bullet that killed him was non linear, leading conspiracy theorists to believe that there was a second shooter. the black ops story had "events" that took place during kennedy's administration, and the main character, Alex Mason, was brainwashed by the soviets to assassinate kennedy.

        • Ch4llenger says:

          Modern Warfare 2 is THE superior game for me. Surely it doesn't have: dedicated servers, customise 2.0, & other goodies that Black Ops has. But see that's the catch. Black Ops is basicly the same game with the tweaks, that the community desired for, BUT the game has it's own faults. They learned from the mistakes, IW made. I have a kind of compassion with IW with vs. the Activision fude etc. But the fact still is: if they could bring out a DLC etc., they could have patched the game aswell. Plus since I play it on PC, preformance wise MW2 wins again. So it's all in perspective, both games have their draw-backs. Even if Black Ops' glorious days are yet to come, Modern Warfare 2 is the game, I enjoyed more from.

      • COD says:

        ok if your saying "mw2:op4 black ops:op40 mw:scavenger black ops:scavenger" up mw2 copied perks and factions from WaW

        WaW: Stopping power -> MW2: Stopping power
        WaW: Sleight of Hand -> MW2: Sleigh of Hand
        WaW: Steady Aim -> MW2: Steady Aim

        • Black Ops Sucks says:

          Where do you think WaW copied those from? That's right, CoD 4! Infinity Ward wins again.

          • QUICKSCOPER FAGS says:


          • Nobody says:

            Hell yea

    • black ops rocks says:

      ur onlie saying that because u cant afort 2 buy it sucker


    • theCookiemancan2 says:

      I see why your saying call of duty black ops is not better than modern warfare two. I do agree modern warfare 2 has way better quality and graphics. And that the killstreaks go up to 25! Instead of 11. But the quick scoping crap! So gay. Its so easy to quick scope. Also Treyarch really listoned to there community and patched qlitches so fast you couldnt even say "What a guy glitch". Treyarch also has ZOMBIES! Zombies BIG HIT! I see why you think that Infinity Ward is better. That your opioion. On a scale from 1-10 I give Infinity Ward a 6 and Treyarch a 9!

    • Viktor says:

      i sent a message to Treyarch about a problem with the multiplayer/zombies connection/loading screen my game always freezes and says my content has changed they said they would help but to this day they didn't when the 14mb patch came out i got my hopes up and then got severly dissapointed and treyarch always seems to make at least 1 dominate weapon WaW=MP-40 and PPsh-41
      black ops=Galil and Famas (ak74u with certain attachments)their behavior is incoinceivable the only reason i bought COD:BO was for zombies but i can't even play that and i have to get a brand new xbox because their system settings with DLCs must have infected my xbox MW2 was always better than Black Ops it was always much more balanced

    • black ops sucks says:

      tryarch sucks they have shitty ass graphics and gay guns. infinity ward has awsome guns and graphics. infinity ward wins HANDS DOWN!!!

    • BlackOpsPro says:

      You do not talk about nuketown like that. Nuketown was the best COD in history. its easy to get kills on that so you can get chopper guners, gunships, and all the high killstreaks.

    • Slenderman'sfriend says:

      Mw2 and black ops are the same. Scince bo2 came out ALL MW GAMES ARE NOTHING.

  2. Squidsels3 says:


  3. Kirby says:

    Well…Infinity Ward is dying and like half of its employees disappeared. MW2 had a lot of flaws. The campaign is short, like all other CoD games. Commando, One Man Army, and Danger Close perks were all noob perks. MW2 also makes people rage quit a lot thanks to people like noob tubers. Yes it has quick scoping and its looks more refined than Black Ops. But overall, I still think Black Ops is better. I think Black Ops is even better than CoD4, which was awesome and more awesome than MW2.

    • Joji says:

      The beauty of Black Ops, is that they nerfed up Newb Tube and shot guns. :D Less rage quit, more fun!! :D

    • artic let down says:

      no perks are noob perks, there just perks that give people a little helping hand black ops completely shot down cod its to differnt cod should just be normal how it use to be black ops tryed to be clever n copy did it work did it fuck…

  4. sumguyFTW says:

    black ops may of been better than mw2 because it "listened to its online community" but i still think that Infinity Ward takes it because of its better games like the first online COD game COD 2 no one rembers cod 3 at all and they toped that still when they had no community to tell them what to do thay made COD 4!!!! so that means that Infinity Ward made one ok game which was mw2 and I do have black ops and well it is still a gr8 game I think that Treyarch is olny made one good game (Black Ops) so I think that Infinity Ward wins this one

  5. The Moldy Donut says:

    Hey I am glad to see all of your comments. I did not expect this many people to read it haha. Make sure to check tomorrow, it should be at least, to see my new article on the next CoD

  6. Jackbandit12 says:

    In my opinion, MW2 beats out Black Ops by far. I love both games and both are extremely fun to play, but Infinity Ward knows how to make a better game. I know they didn't respond to the community like Treyarch has but it really doesn't matter. There were only a few things that were wrong with MW2 and they fixed most of them. Each perk in MW2 had a specific purpose and I would not say that the OMA perk combined with the grenade launchers ruined matches. People complain about how unfair it was but the whole point of OMA was to reload your ammo supply, and it accomplished that. I personally hated OMA because I don't like not having a secondary weapon. On a different note, Treyarch severely ruined sniping in Black Ops. Sniping has always been one of my favorite things to do in any CoD game, next to using the Spaz in MW2. Even with the high powered bolt action rifle and the classified sniper (which is supposed to be the best stat wise) I kill someone in 1 shot 5% of the time (and that's being generous). The maps in Black Ops are amazing, but I still am not a fan of the new voting system. I don't like playing the same map 8 times in a row. I owned MW2 on both xbox and PC, and I never got sick of playing it. I own Black Ops for the xbox and I am already kind of sick of it. If Treyarch really wants to change something and make the game better, they will fix the problem with parties not getting into games. Since hour 1 of that game, every time I play with my friends it takes us at least 5 tries to find a game together, without it kicking everyone out.

    • Redsox44 says:

      umm first off mw2 had so many things wrong with it. It was just a horrible game graphics were good and all but the gameplay of multiplayer wasnt it was so easy to kill people just so many ways for people with no skill at the game to be good it just was made for little kids to play. IW got really lazy with it i think because they knew it was going to sell good. If they would of listened to the communtity and made it an actual fair game to play then it wouldnt have been such a mess. but due to them not caring all i got to say is Black Ops all the way. i mean Treyarch just knows how to make a better game ^^

    • The Moldy Donut says:

      Jack, an update was released almost 5 days ago I believe that fixed the party system, and now a map can not be voted more than 2 I think in a row

  7. Treyarch is better !! says:

    treyarch all the way, mw2 sucked dick

  8. Mad Dog says:

    Well, Ill just throw this out there,
    Im not too bothered about who wins with Infinty ward and Treyarch, they are both top class developers, but there is one that is better, one that is never going to be beat in the next decade, the one and only BUNGIE!!!!!!
    Now their with Activision, are we going to see, the biggest, and best call of duty with them????

  9. asboapples says:

    I believe treyarch game is better I have played these game religiously sense they started the series and I loved MW2 and played loads (my disc even got laser burned) but the problem with it was all the quick scoping and glitches which even I was a culprit.due to this fact I think black ops is a much better game especially the amount of customisation options. neither game sucks as everyone is seeing too say one or the other does but at the end of the day black ops is an improvement on an already awesome game although not to everyone tastes.

  10. gage horne says:

    I now its not my right but why do they fight? What they should be thinking is how the people, "us" like the game. Not if its better then theres. What if they got together made the sickest game ever made? I wish theyd do that, that be the best most important thing to me. What about you? Type TRUGaming3 on utube if u read this & wana talk about this with me.

  11. FourOdells says:

    I would just like to say that even though MW2 was a very good game but the multiplayer was unbalanced and it was to glitchy and the game only took 6 months to make. Infinityward did not spend 2 years on it even though they had the time.

  12. DrearierSpider says:

    Infinity Ward is better, without a doubt. For all of glitches and unbalanced gameplay, this on some level is to be expected because they just added so goddamn much to the experience. Yes, Black Ops is more refined, balanced and adds some great new content and tweaks, but 95% of that is just them modifying what Infinity Ward already created. While the currency system and wager matches are great, having to buy guns AND level up for them is so goddamn stupid. There's no way to experiment with guns until I already commit my points to them. Also, as good as Nazi Zombies is, it is nothing compared to Special Ops. Yes it is much more replayable but no matter what anyone says it feels out of place in the franchise (an authentic military shooter added a zombie survival mode out of the blue one day???), and Special Ops requires much more strategy and ultimately feels more rewarding on the harder difficulties. Some of the best designed co-op missions, though pretty short, were included in that mode. Also, Call of Duty 1, 2 and 4 all had some very major inovations and were ultimately the only games that stood out until Black Ops (WaW did nothing great on its own besides zombies and the online was far inferior to Call of Duty 4 anyways, no matter what the sales show). My last major complaint with Treyarch: Call of Duty 4 has better graphics than Black Ops. Yes I know, a minor and stupid complaint, but if they are supposedly using the same engine Infinity Ward uses, their games should look better, considering they are being released a year later. This takes away from the feeling of authenticity for me, something I've always loved about the franchise. Oh yes, someone mentioned the sniping in Black Ops, and I agree it sucks and practically cannot be done on any of the maps. Why couldn't they reference Call of Duty 4? There was no quick scoping, yet certain maps were great for sniping and the mechanics were near perfect. Treyarch simply is not as talented, even if Modern Warfare 2 had its flaws.

  13. QuiTeNo says:

    I think in blog is made for a treyach employee, who likes to play an play a lot off wii and atary, and likes to jacks off will he is watching an activision ceo talkking on tv. This people new they are going to make a success on sales on black ops, since MW2 was has a great success, they didnt care about the community,…, they use them to make the game look not that bad… Do you really think they care just because they change certains weapons or some how they manipulated the way to play, when the olny reasson of MW2 was a success its was because of the sounds and graphics that make a realistic environment fun to play and just looking at it it was amazing, black ops its fun for the new features, but make no mistake people they don't care about the community, all they care its about MONEY, thats why they took the quality down and make the game fix in every possible console, because its all about MONEEY, AND NOT ABOUT THE COMMUNITY

  14. QuiTeNo says:

    I think this blog is made for a treyach employee, who likes to play an play a lot off wii and atary, and likes to jacks off will he is watching an activision ceo talkking on tv. This people new they are going to make a success on sales on black ops, since MW2 was has a great success, they didnt care about the community,…, they use them to make the game look not that bad… Do you really think they care just because they change certains weapons or some how they manipulated the way to play, when the olny reasson of MW2 was a success its was because of the sounds and graphics that make a realistic environment fun to play and just looking at it it was amazing, black ops its fun for the new features, but make no mistake people they don't care about the community, all they care its about MONEY, thats why they took the quality down and make the game fix in every possible console, because its all about MONEEY, AND NOT ABOUT THE COMMUNITY

  15. QuiTeNo says:

    I think this blog is made for a treyach employee, who likes to play an play a lot off wii and atary, and likes to jacks off while he is watching an activision ceo talkking on tv. This people new they are going to make a success on sales on black ops, since MW2 was has a great success, they didnt care about the community,…, they use them to make the game looks not that bad… Do you really think they care just because they change certains weapons or some how they manipulated the way to play, when the olny reasson of MW2 was a success its was because of the sounds and graphics that make a realistic environment fun to play and just looking at it it was amazing, black ops its fun for the new features and thats about it, but make no mistake people they don't care about the community, all they care its about MONEY, thats why they took the quality down and make the game fix in every possible console, because its all about MONEEY, AND NOT ABOUT THE COMMUNITY

  16. Infinwaaard says:

    Infinity ward by far made the better games… Some of you keep complaining about the "realism" of mw2.. fact is if u get hit by one bullet ur going down, all guns for this fact should be even… u shouldnt be able to run around with rockets etc.. who could actually do that… etc the list goes on, its a game, its fake, deal with it… treyach fixed some flaws like OMA etc.. but they completely fucked the maps… they based the entire game around the ak74u.. check out nearly all the kills, all submachine guns.. tomahawks are ridiculous.. since when does an axe which bounces off roofs and cuts ur toe kill you? and u want realism? I agree with some about the kill box, its ridiculous… u dont even have to hit people any more.. also with weapons like crossbow, why the hell is the arrow so slow? u get ur mate to grab a crossbow and u try dodge the arrow.. good luck, average arrow travels nearly as fast as a bullet.. its beyond a joke.. the game ruined everything but submachine gunning… the stabbing is beyond a joke.. i dont even want to begin to complain about the online glitches… they fixed so much coz they realised when they released it that the game was nearly unplayable… although MW2 had many flaws black ops far exceeds this number and the flaws are not simply advantages.. they are poor programming and dodging ideas.. IW hands down

    • pitythefool says:

      best comment ever, the knifing is bull, just yesterday i got commando knifed, the best part about it was watching it in theater mode so i could be like wow thats complete and utter bs.

      The only good thing treyarch did was create theater mode, ill give them props on that, but everything else is pretty garbage about the game.. its really easy, enough said.

      • pitythefool says:

        even then about theater mode, they ripped it off of halo so treyarch just sucks dick.

        Treyarch just rides the coat tails of infinityward. They realeased a garbage COD 3. They essentially were given Cod4's graphics engine and made there own shitty game, and then with black ops they were like Oh lets just use the same WaW engine thats been slightly modified so it has the same poopdick graphics as waw. Great work treyarch.

  17. FourOdells says:

    happy holidays and stuff cause treyarch shall win! People say treyarch's games suck, well i tested that therory by playind all of treyarch's COD titles plus infinity wards. They are all good but i find treyarchs much more balanced. The campaigns might not be that good but the multiplayer is why people come back to games. COD 3 was not very good but i loved the multiplayer! It was balanced and very fun with alot of realism. WaW was very well made and was extremly fun to play. Ifound myself going back to it so many times! Black Ops, probably the best COD title ever! I love everything about it and it is balanced and so fun i actually went back and played the campaign over and over. Lets face it you Infinity ward fanboys those games are good but everything is so unbalanced. At least in treyarchs games the higher ranked players dont always rule over the ones with lower ranks. In the name of american gaming god bless treyarch cue national anthom and lets go play some zombies!

    • Black Ops Sucks says:

      Treyarch is only better than IW if all you use in their games is smg's. If you want to use something else, such as a sniper, crossbow, shotgun, or AR, you are completely screwed if you run into a guy with an smg. You can't hit crap with the snipers, and sometimes you get kills that you shouldnt have. The crossbow is extremely slow and even if you hit somebody they'll most likely kill you before it explodes since you can't shoot accurately at long range due to a horrible sight. Shotguns are ONLY good in Nuketown where you fight in a shoebox. A real shotgun can be lethal from much farther ranges. And any assault rifles that aren't fully automatic have basically the same problems as a sniper. For people who don't play the game 24/7, Treyarch has forced them to use an smg or noob tube if they want any chance of doing somewhat decent.

      • LeetP3t3 says:

        You obviously don't know what you're talking about. The crossbow was first introduced to Black Ops, never been in any other COD multiplayer. And if you're running around with a sniper rifle or AR, and expecting to win over someone with an SMG when running into him, you really don't understand the meaning of weapon balance. SMGs are meant to be the weapon of choice for "run and gun". And if you have a SPAS and meet someone with an AK74u at close range and don't win, don't blame the shotgun, cause 1 shot is enough to kill. The shotgun kill range has been shortened in Black Ops for a reason. The reason being that you could kill from a too long distance in MW2. Shotguns are supposed to be specialized at close range only, not close and medium range. Getting kills that you shouldn't have, or just hits or hit markers, isn't just when using sniper rifles – it's called lag. Can't say you never experienced lag in MW2. The crossbow is a secondary weapon! It's meant to be used for fun or when you run out of ammo for your primary weapon. It's exactly what it should be; balanced as a secondary weapon. There's nothing wrong with the sight, it's an ordinary iron sight and you can shoot accurately at long range. Your argument for longer range with shotgun is realism? If any of the COD games were extremely realistic, noone would've been playing the games.

    • CamperAssassino says:

      Infinity Ward, by far.

      The reason I say this is because of COD 4.

      They brought the following things to Call of Duty that I bet Treyarch couldn't have conjured themselves.

      -Ranks and XP
      -Pro Perks in Modern Warfare 2
      - and a bunch more…

      Also I believe that Infinity Ward does a better job with the campaigns (Flashback stories are cool but you know that you'll live which ruins the suspense of the story), I mean, walking through the Pentagon is a really lame excuse for a mission.

  18. Tsagu says:

    I will be trying out the turtle beach x31 headset this x-mas.

  19. missinglukey says:

    i think treyarch has better story and all but infinity ward has better multiplayer but i think they are both equal

  20. jad-vip says:

    treyarch sucks ! infinity ward is much better !!

  21. Hecks says:

    Hey it's h3cs from optic I'm just adding to say that I hav 100 friends on my friends list about 80 bought blackops and within two weeks id say about 50 of them were back on mw2 simply because of how boring blackops is I trying to get the hang of trying to snipe on that game but not quite getting the hang of it and same goes to the rest of the clan we are a sniping clan and were really trying in blackops and it's not going well so personlly blackops will be popular for another month or so then I bet their will be just as much on mw2 as their was on blackops btw I'm going to take this time to say that can everyone check out our new snipeing videos coming out soon on YouTube just check out our channel

  22. GOMW2 says:

    Mw2 is much better, coz i say so

  23. Reach=Jizz says:

    Black ops is definatley a better game because it brings a more realistic feel to the game, whereas mw2 has things such as commando "hey is that guy like 6 metres away pfft no problem i'll just luuuuunge with my knife" and also slight of hand pro, where many people think that they are pro because they can QS whereas call of duty is supposed to relay a realistic game and i would love to see some of these people in reality in a war zone QSing, yeh have fun. So in the gaming aspect of the game balck ops is definetley better; however in saying that the grpahics system that is used in black ops is honestly quite shit, its far to fake and almost cartoony, only in that part of the game is MW2 better. In conclusion black ops is better if you enjoy a game and online experience that is actually enjoyable, however if you want a game that owns in graphics and requires skill to play than Halo Reach is the game to play.

  24. PsykoPrepper says:

    I personally find Infinity ward the winner. Simply; i just enjoyed their CoD games more than Treyarcs. though i didnt play a lot of black ops yet, i cant help but feel dissapointed;4 Snipers, 4 shotguns, 11 secondaries IN TOTAL? but an infinity of Assault rifles and SMG's. same goes for attachments,all to AR's and SMG's. perks are few and not really that great altogether.
    Though I notice a lot of people complaining about QS being unrealistic…. well guys lets compare; say you're running around with a Sniper rifle, you are of course hefting it by your shoulder. so actually you would be able to quickly aim down the barrel without looking through the scope, so it would be possible, depending on the rifle of course, i do not claim QS to be possible using a ,355 cal. but a caliber equal to a deer rifle which can still easely kill a man, and most sniper rifles in real life are in that "weightclass" so to speak.
    Then lets take drop shotting. now go out, pick up a stick, from now on thats your mp5. then run, throw yourself on your belly while keeping the stick pointing the direction of your imaginary enemy. pretty hard right? okay, then just lie down from a standing position, still aiming at the imaginary enemy. its not easy is it? well then pretend your stick is a real mp5=2,88 kg firing at a speed close to 800 bullets a minute, every time it fires theres a recoil equal to 3, maybe 4 kg of pressure on your shoulder. unless you're rambo…. its practically impossible.
    ( Im not saying 360's are realistic, but its a game what can you do)


      Sorry for the hate, but, quickscoping cannot be done, the scope does not magically project the crosshairs onto the back as clear as day for you to quickly aim down, so mabye with an 'Acog ' sight you possibly could without being laughed at before being shot down to the ground and literally teabagged. but whe you are aiming down a real rifle sight, you have to find the scope and then line it up, which takes around 4-5 seconds at the least, all im saying is that quickscoping is not realistic in the slightest. and it also takes nothing to be able to quickscope and all of the fat nerds think that they are hard because they can spin around and finger their controller. all im saying is that people like Grizz need to get a life and realise that CoD was made by CoD:4 – which was a balanced game, camping WAS a tactic no matter what people say, i dont care what any cunts say, camping is effective as fuck, how many times have you rage-quit because of a camper eh?? rushing is also a tactic, and treyarch balanced that with the smg's and the snipers. the snipers actually need skill to work, so people ca not just rush with a sniper, because at the end of the day, you just look like a prick to the MANY people like me out there. right my night of trolling is not over, now fuck you all and see you later to this year old post

  25. unbounditschief says:

    i think that treyarch wil win becaus they listen to there players. but perhaps they can make a quickscope lobby or something that wil be great

  26. Bakies says:

    my favorite call of duty's are CoD2 CoD4 MW2 and WaW and WaW multiplayer sucked black ops sucks completely "five" is a terible map so is kino der toten im already bored of multiplayer i don even own the game

  27. Oddball Elite says:

    Honestly, IW is way better. Yes, a few guns are overpowered (Ump. 45, ect.) and noob tubing + OMA is for noobs, but campaign made a lot of sense, and the graphics a overall seven times better.
    I do have to applaud treyarch on one thing: the AUG. My favorite. It is overpowered but it actually takes skill to use. I made a clan called the AUG. (Aug Using Group) Well played.
    However, MW2 is a hugely great game. QuickScoping is awesome, and gives you a feeling of accomplishment because it is hard to get on multiplayer live matchmaking. Also, presting is cool, giving you a sense of a high ranked army veteran. But by far, Title and Emblem customization is absoulatley awesome, and treyarch sucks BALLS for removing it. Sure, you can make your own emblem, but in mw2, it took skills to get the emblems because they required challenges to get them. Sure its pre made but seriously, making an emblem in Black Ops is not hard.
    My last words, Infinity Ward is absolutely great because of its map packs. The map packs gave it a new sense, and change the gameplay. A great example of this is Carnival, which is an abandoned amusement park. Hell up cool! When can we expect a map pack from treyarch? (and if we are should we be expecting them to be crappy?) And the prestige and hardened editions of Black Ops gavee only a little mor to playres: two extra zombies maps. Black Ops' stupid computer terminal makes getting the two unlockable zombie maps (Five and Dead Ops Arcade) too easy by putting in a cheat code. They did the same for intel! And Zork? Only start it to get the achivement, because it is unwinnable.

  28. ps3 player says:

    i like all of the new things treyarch brought to blackops and how they took all the things about mw2 that made it bad and made the best call of duty online ever. infinity ward did not even try to listen to the players and fix bugs and the grenade launcher was the first thing you could get! i also love the zombie mode because nothings better then getting all of your friends together and killing thousands of zombies with crazy weapons. go treyarch!!!

  29. TD Appocolapse says:

    To be honest, Infinity Ward wins HANDS DOWN. first of all, they are the creators of Call of Duty, and the first CoD was ABSOLUTELY INSANELY AWESOME! the graphics suck but the campain was soooo fun i have beeten it atleaast eight times on pc. Treyarch sucks because they ruied CoD first and foremost: cod 3 and 5. the ony thing about them that i liked were the intense graphics. otehrwise the multiplayer SUCKED for cod w@w and the whole game cod3 sucked altogether. MW2 was insane when it came out but then the hackers, 12 year old noob/booster/retard would come in and do stupid stuff to ruin the time for many players a year afterword. the perks are nice, but commande is the dumbest thing EVER in cod. even OMA is nicer than that stupid perk. IW made cod worth it but they do need to improve vastly. there is one company above all the rest that only one person here has mentioned: Bungie!!!!!!!!!! they are the best video game developer, in my opinion, in the United States. and one of the best on the world. they actually made a whole series, not handingit off to some other nonhighly known name to just prove they cam store sweet graphics and gameplay on their own freaking disk. Bunige made the whole Halo story, and it is my favorite game of all time. Halo Reach blows away halo 3, but all their halo games are INCREDIBLE! watching Major League Gaming turnaments for h3 and reach are a part of what makes this game fun toio, but the amount of noobs, people that try to betray u for a flipping sniper rifle, and in general retards in it is rediculous. the game though, when ur not playing with those people. is sick. IW wins, treyarck looses, and Bungie wins all!! also, the fact that you can get extremely high killstreaks in mw2 and not in Bl ops is dumb. i just recently broke my highest killstreak cus i was getting a ton better at it and broke 16 to 17 to 18 to 31 in a matter of a couple of days!!!! i know thats not near some of u guys out there but its taken me a long time to get good at halo and cod. there is so much more to say but just not enough room to explain..someone ekse can do that job and out the icing on the cake for IW…

    • that guy with the face says:

      i hate you kind of people that stay off topic if you wanna talk about bungie then say it in a halo topic this is call of duty sir

      • TD Appocolapse says:

        i just thought it would go well with the fact that someone else had brought it up earlier, so please dont hate people for just plainly mentioning another company!! But yes i do see what you mean. INFINITY WARD FTW!! just because they "didnt listen to the community about how to make a game"better"" doesnt mean they arent good at it!! treyarch had their chance. now its time for IW to take back control and, yes, take advise others. i personally think that treyarchs best addition for the Call of Duty series was World at War.

        • Oddball Elite says:

          I agree, treyarch sux balls! Bungie did make a cool game series, but it was nothing like cod. Infinity Ward knows how to make a better game.

          • TD Appocolapse says:

            i agree partly. IW is amaizing but i do have to say i thnk Bungie owns them all. bungie can make abetter game than IW and treyarch will EVER make…maybe. it would be impressive if IW or even Treyarch made a game actually as good as Bungie's..not to pe peticular though.

  30. that guy with the face says:

    treyarch wins hands down

  31. Jet says:

    well they're both good but i might go for black ops. MW2 is a bit uhhmmmm stupid when it comes to combat.

    • TD Appocolapse says:

      i gotta kinda agree with you on the combat inmw2 being stupid at times, or quite a bit, but once u find your rythym and get lots of kills/less deaths/win a lot then it gets very enjoyable. people need to stop using commando pro/ump 45/lightweight combos…>:(

  32. Gibson says:

    The main problem with Black ops is the constant freezing, kicking you out of lobbys, and problems with host connection. My internet connection is 100%, and I bought a new ps3 so I know for a fact it is not either of those. So far just trying to have fun with this game has cost me over $400, so I have to say until they fix these problems….. THEY SUCK!!!

  33. my thoughts says:

    why is it that most of the comments on are are people bitching about the game when it was only just released. no game is perfect at launch they should have given it some time for the company to fix things before you start bitching about the game. like now they have fixed the game and made sniper more reliable than they were at the start.

  34. They are different. says:

    Why is everyone so fast to say 'these games are exatly the same'

    Focusing on multiplayer, there are huge differences. First and foremost, most guns (not snipers) take 3-5 bullets to kill someone in black ops, rather than 2-3 in mw2. That makes this games mechanics HUGELY different, focusing on steady accuracy rather than fast reactions. This means that you can no longer run and gun (effeciently). The run and gun tactic played well into the hands of alot, if not most of the people who played mw2, and it became the strength of the game. Thats the reason why so many say black ops is boring and slow. Next, treyach changed sniping because by the end of mw2 and in the beta stages of black ops, 90% of people were using a sniper, and beating close range guns and mid range guns. Maybe they should have made a snipers only game mode? who knows, all i know is that; although quickscoping was fun as hell, getting beaten upclose by xXxqu1ksc0p3zxXx360boomshotxXx was getting increadibly boring.

    Killstreaks no longer stacking is amazing. No more 7 kill nukes.

    Finally, the ak74u is fucking annoying to get killed by, sure, but it is no more overpowered than the ump45.

    Overall, the games are very different, on the outside they may be very similar, but they are played almost opposite ways. Everyone is truely complaining about change, and their lack of ability to adapt to the game. Boohoo i cant beat the guy 10 feet away by 720 quickscoping. /end Rant

    • TD Appocolapse says:

      so what is your point sir?? who is better at making an incredible game? treysuck or Infinity Win?? hahahaha i know this has not a lot to do wiht anything here but Bungie beats ALL companies out there! i havent seen a game FPS or not, that hasnt been or looked as good as Bungie's games. Halo rocks

      • They are different. says:

        My point is that each games has just as much good stuff as the other, but also had just as much bad stuff. It all comes down to personal opinion, like a lot of things.

        Also, bungie has made 1 game 5 times, and a rts that was shit.

  35. Mw2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    mw2 is much better but only because it is moreaddictive,Treyarch is community and real life oreintated, while modern warfare are in it for money and once they got it they wont do anything but now TREYARCH GOT ALL 3.Treyarch is better but i play on mw2 cos its addictive

  36. sam says:

    Infinity Ward Wins, loved MW2, first online gun game i got in to and then black ops seemed like a down grade except for Zombies and Tomowhawks. Cant wait for MW3, so over black ops already

  37. Bob says:


  38. TY says:

    NAUGHTY DOG FTW!! Naughty Dog has the best games ever like the Uncharted series.

  39. jet@ says:

    The reason why Treyarch had to release so many patches is because the game was buggy as hell. had they had some sort of beta like what bungie did they would have done better. not saying any game is better then the other, just saying treyarch should have beta test in the public and get feedback before launching the game. u hook more people that way

  40. RASbattle says:

    I do think that Infinity Ward has better graphics and a well put together story and more. But on the other hand Treyarch has Nazi Zombies which is a great story in itself. I say that they end the fight and merge so we can have great graphics and awesome zombie killing fun

  41. Kingwags says:

    After reading a few of these (not all) I have come to a great (fantasy) conclusion. I LOVED Modern Warfare 2, I enjoy Black Ops, and I have played Medal Of Honor (which you may think "EA has nothing to do with Treyarch or Infinity Ward", but hear me out.) I know IW is going pretty much going under, but, I wish that Treyarch, Infinity Ward, and Electronic Arts would all join up for a new CoD game (I know, Im dreaming). I mean, have Treyarch do the campaign and of course ZOMBIES (I actually liked their campaign more than IW's), have IW do the online features, and have EA do the online servers, because I had more fun playing MW2 online than BO (except Zombies (for obvious reasons :P)), and more fun playing BO offline than MW2, but MoH has THE BEST servers of any military online game that I have played (something Treyarch and Infinity Ward couldn't do as good). Agree or disagree, it's just my opinion, and a dream that I know will probably NEVER come true.

    • Agree says:

      I agree with what your saying but i think treyarch should do zombies infinity ward the multiplayer and the servers even though the servers are pretty rubbish and ea should do single player because i thought the MoH campain was awsome.

  42. Eraisuithon says:

    MW2 is better IMHO because I really don't like the point system, it's alright but you in the hell would you WANT to buy Perks, I personally don't like buying perks or buying them Pro, and Black Ops, took place in the 60's which I don't really like, but in MW2 it was in the present.

  43. TheJudge says:

    Treyarch has made a huge game with more life-like features wich is black ops.MW2 can be hacked easily and that what pissed me off.Moreover,Treyarch improves black ops everymonth.One problem is the NAT type which most people also dislike.The strict NAT type limits you from making parties and private matches,so I hope Treyarch fixes this problem.Another problem is that MW2's killstreaks are better and more modern than Black Ops's Killstreaks.However,Trearch has made one of the best games the world has seen!

  44. Flango says:

    I think it's a tie, personall, both have mae great games. I think it's really funny how people think the snipers in Black Ops suck. In fact, the real reason they hate them is because, unlike every other weapon in CoD ever, they actually take SKILL to USE.

    • aiex72 says:

      thank you flango for that comment. I have always just pwned at snipeing since waw i gues i never noticed other people didnt have that skill.

  45. Taledo03 says:

    Indeed blackops is better than MW2 as for myself i really didnt like MW2 but blackops was the best call of duty game i have ever played

  46. aiex72 says:

    They didn't mess with sniper rifles, acuarcy is not inside the stats or in real life ever perfect. The i hit him and he didn't die complaint is stupid if you hit him in the arm in real life would he fall over dead?
    P.S. Yes sometimes thing mess up such as i hit a guy in the head he stood there 2nd time he went into 2nd chance but that wasnt suppose to happen…)

  47. aiex72 says:

    Heres an idead(wait for it with dramatic pause) have both of them make COD 10 Total Warfare!

  48. COD says:

    Well the knifed in the foot thing is dumb and throwing knifes bouncing off dirt and killing u is stupid but can they help it? yes but still their both good but zombies OWN

  49. Shihab says:


  50. vee-dubber youtube me! says:

    can we all agree that COD4 did it right? regardless of mw2 or black ops, people are never going to be happy, cod4 and cod5 to some will always be the best, they cant be replaced, simple as that

  51. RazzPop says:

    If your aiming for realism when you play a Cod game, you might be better off playing Battlefield. One of the mist realistic games out there. I prefer Infinity Ward because of their not so crappy game.

  52. wingonick says:

    Mw2 got hacked and everyone was top prestige quite early after releasing it , black ops hasent yet .

    • dtr166 says:

      @wingonick black ops got hacked early too most games get hacked quickly and my opinion is that INFINITY WARD did better MW2 graphics are better than black ops yes the nuke was a bit overpowered but you don't get nukes that much and in black ops dogs are something people get in a lot of games and people say quick scoping is a stupid thing but it isnt because it takes a lot of skill if your gonna do it rite and it if you can do it online against other people and treyarch tried to eliminate quick scoping and i guarante that some people didn't make the switch because treyarch tried to destroy something that there last game was practicly built upon

  53. GamerBoy says:

    Infinity Ward for online gameplay
    Treyarch for zombies

    There, simple as that. No more arguments if we say that they are both good in something

  54. GamerBoy says:

    Oh and the only thing that Treyarch does terrible is the maps and map packs. Nuketown may be fun, but it has a lot of spawn trappers and killers. Same with Summit, one tomahawk across the map and ur guaranteed a kill. Plus, they don't have different varieties of maps. Treyarch is like making 10 snow maps that gets old after a while. Also, the map packs are bad because Treyarch just keeps releasing new zombie maps, why not just put more zombie maps in the beginning? You don't get much of a choice between 2 zombie maps, and then they make way better zombie maps in which you have to BUY. Thats the only part of treyarch i do not like

  55. doncheeto17 says:

    infinity ward wins thats just it they had better gun and the damage output was how it is not like black ops where u have to unload a clip or two into a person b4 u can kill him they messed it all up and they don't even fix it

  56. jake says:

    ok in reality infinity ward has better hit registration than tryarch end of disscution. that should be the end of all the arguing of perks hacks gliches etc….how the plaer gets kills is all about regristration of the bullets not perks or anything else.

  57. Wii Hate Treyarch says:

    Have you guys even seen the state of the treyarch wii versions of cod.. They remove half the stuff and mess up the other half, That means no camera spike, no flamethrower, only kino for zombies .. Ugh it drives me mad that treyarch are making mw3 for wii. Because cod4 on the wii is the best wii game I ever played and Black ops wii is rubbish. Infinity ward PLEEEEASSE MAKE MW3 for wii instead of treyarch. You are better at wii games than them Please.

  58. Wii Hate Treyarch says:

    Ph and villa and WMD are only half the size on wii. And treyarch promised dlc for wii but didn't make it :(

  59. ThEoThEo2238 says:

    I think treyarch is better than infinity ward….zombies was really incredible idea..!!!! :)

  60. IW to win!!! says:

    Ok MW2 had some terrible stuff in it like quickscoping, commando and OMA. But overall it is a way better game than Black Ops. Even the zombies have dissapointed me somehow. BO have shitty maps treyarch just can't make good maps.

  61. theON71N3 G4M3R says:

    Infinity Ward always does a better job with C.O.D. The only thing Treyarch had was zombies and survival kicked the shit out of it.

  62. Frodo42 says:

    I think Infinity Ward WIN because there created Call Of Duty 1 and that game is the mother of the rest of CoD that we play now a days

    Sorry my bad english i speak spanish better xD

  63. EriX says:

    Yes, Infinity Ward will win because they created the Call of Duty 1 who's the mother of all CoD Game..!!..ang I think they can made a new game better than we play now

    sorry for my bad english i speak in arabic xD

  64. Treyarch OWNS Infinity Ward says:

    Infinity Ward is no good. They're so bad, they needed Sledgehammer Games to help them finish Modern Warfare 3. And even that wasn't very good. Treyarch is not good either. Treyarch at least listens to their community.

  65. zombies says:

    zombies all the way

  66. Zach 172 says:

    Then mw3 comes out and people stop complaining about black ops because they relize that mw3 is the worst game ever and is a add on to mw2 but made for noobs it doesnt even matter if your good or not in that game it just sucks and people were complaining about bo for bad spawns and maps and mw3 made it 10 times worse cod has had to many games made… maybe if infinity ward and treyarch made a NEW franchise and made each game together we could get a better game with new graphics and everything with a combination of survival mode and zombies put together

  67. BlackOpsPro says:

    i think that Treyarch did better. Black ops was epic. Tomahawks were on of the best thing put on COD.Treyarch wins this. if only Infinity Ward was doing COD games, they wouldn't sell as much as Treyarc's version of COD. Nuff Said

  68. Zoe says:

    I honestly have to say Infinity Ward. I like the story lines they have in CoD:4, MW2 and MW3. Only thing I didn't like was them killing off Soap. Treyarch still did good games.

  69. christian says:

    mw2 i hate cause hackers ruin game spawn system is horrible and the hitmarkers i get like 5 on one guy who has painkiller for shooting him in the chest an the head black ops was fun no boosters didn't run into any hackers in blackops but the knife in all of the call of duty games suck the thing i hate about blackops is the attack dogs there lime impossible to kill thats why i like workd at war better cause the dogs kill u in 2 hits my favourite call of duty is call of duty 4 modern warfare

  70. Blops says:

    Obviously nobody plays Black Ops now. After every patch,meh Famas and AK74u are no longer OP, the guns and perks are balanced, the onlin gameplay is very fluid and it's an amazing style. Nobody has ever seen anything like Black Ops, because it was original. A lot of people never had fun playing MW2 and MW3. MW3 was basically the same game as MW2. Quick scoping is honestly amazing (if you're into that stuff). Most people never took the time to be good at it, so they trash it. Experience the game today, and then make your decisions.

  71. ninjawatlord770 says:

    I think trearch is a little betterthan iw . Treyarch set up the perks way better than iw because in mw2 or 3 u have to make a choice between scavenger or sleight of hand in black ops u can have both plus marathon. Iw has better ar and smgs but horrible secondaries like the fmg9s and g18s they also have better kill streaks but there are so many more noobs.also zombies kicks survival s ass. U might as well play the campain instead of survival because its basically the same thing except the campain has a story. zombies can get repetitive but its still a lot mare fun than survival all in all treatch all the way can't wait 4 black ops 2

  72. MW2 IS BEST says:

    BO IS BETTER THAN MW2?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!
    Ain't nobody got time for ur lies foo

  73. サングラス says:

    I have been reading reviews of many Android phones for a long time. The concensus amongst those who do reviews professionally is that this is the fastest, smartest and most complete smartphone out there. <a href="" title="サングラス">サングラス</a>

  74. Lee says:

    Infinity Ward all the way, black ops has crappy graphics, and basically no attachments for the shotgun. Okay, yes, MW2 has some stupid perks like cold blooded where you can't be detected by radar, but you can doge thermal with mud. So it is pretty close on deciding on which is better, but I think Infinity Ward.

  75. Lee says:

    F.Y.I: I meant dodge not doge.

  76. Lee says:

    Zach 172:Survival and zombies are basically the same.

  77. WeTheGamers says:

    Fast Forward to 2014. After the disaster that is COD Ghost, I don't think we can take Infinity Ward as a serious developer anymore… Treyarch has always had the upper hand, but now I.W. needs to stop being allowed to make games. I like(d) both companies, but now its apparent Treyarch really is the best and always will be. Looks like its Game Over for Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games will now be replacing them instead of helping them!

    R.I.P Infinity Ward

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