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You trollin'?

Took ‘em long enough! Remember fighting goblins with custom spells, shooting your bow at guards while 100% invisible, or finding a ton of glitches that basically made you god? No? Then you’re missing out on a great franchise. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, released 2006, was one of the best RPGs, selling over 3 million copies and winning numerous awards. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the direct sequel to Oblivion and it’s a game you can’t refuse. Prepare ye self for a mind-blowing RPG I doubt you won’t love.

Two hundred years have passed since the gates of Oblivion slammed shut and the world of Tamriel is a different place. The Blades have all perished, the nords have turned against one another, civil war is near, almost all is in ruin. The dragon Alduin, The World Eater, is coming to fulfill its prophecy as the world lay in ruin. To defeat the dragon and restore order, Tamriel needs The Dragonborn, rare individuals blessed by the gods to strike down the ancient threat. The Dragonborn have all but died out, except for one, a lowly prisoner unaware of his destiny. The one who the dragons shall come to fear. The one the winged beats will curse in their forgotten language. They will call him Dovahkiin.

The ruined province still contains amazing views and ancient cities

As I said if you haven’t played Elder Scrolls IV, you’re missing out. Skyrim is the direct sequel that contains many new improvements including the stunning environment. The Combat system has also changed and you are even given the ability to dual wield weapons, use a shield + spell, spell + sword, powerful and unique combinations to try out. As in Fallout 3, players now get the chance to pick perks, helping one define their character even more. Enemies now have unique behavioral patterns, so not every monster will immediately rip your throat out for walking by. Characters will now have more detailed faces and show more emotion, distinctions between different races, and basically look prettier. A large variety of new monsters, and yes, there will be dragons.

Dungeons, and trolls, and dragons, oh my.

The main story: You, the lowly prisoner, are the Dragonborn. It is your mission to fulfill your destiny as the Dragonborn and slay Alduin the “World Eater”, before he unleashes his wrath upon the world. Skyrim will be the first of the whole series to introduce Dragons to the game. The legends spoke of the return of dragons. The Elder scrolls series always told of the return of dragons due to the chaotic events at the conclusion of each game. Eventually, Alduin, a god-like dragon will devour the world if left unchecked. Only you can fight the lesser dragons since you are anointed by the gods. Why are the dragons back? How did they return? How do we end it? Dragons will ravage villages, fly into battle expectingly, they wield mighty power, and you will have to face them in single combat.


For more information on gameplay, or for the whole story, visit Game Informer. You can even crack the secret to the draconic language for Skyrim to find out a secret clue (see trailer and visit game informer)!

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Rating 4.28 out of 5


  1. TD Appocolapse says:

    i gotta say..i first saw the gameplay and first look trailer a while ago and this game looks SOOOOOOO SIIICKKKK!!!!! i almost cant believe it. i am looking forward to this being the comeback of Bethesda Softworks, because they havent released a ton of games recently, and for Skyrim to be Game of the Year, beating GoW3. DragonBorn!!!!

  2. the wog says:

    orgasm !

  3. TD Appocolapse says:

    yep. pretty much said

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