Call of Duty: Space Warfare

With Black Ops out, Activision is already thinking about next year’s brand new addition to the most anticipated series. Rumors hint that it is in space!

Infinity Ward Remastered

It was reported on November 19 that Infinity Ward has been totally reconstructed by Vivendi (Activision’s mother company). Vivendi claims that they are extremely happy with what they have done with Infinity Ward, though they never actually said what they did in the reconstruction. One can only assume that the Infinity Ward team members who govern online play have been confronted for a lack of listening to the community. This could mean that if Infinity Ward does create the next Call of Duty game, it could be much better than Black Ops is right now. We just do not know yet.

Who is going to Make it?

Seeing that Activision knows that if they create another title, it will bring in a great deal of revenue for them; they have three companies to choose from to make the next game. There is Treyarch, who has proven themselves in making a great game. They also could choose from Infinity Ward, who they say has been completely reconstructed and they believe will do greatly if chosen to make another title. And then they could choose from their unknown company, Sledgehammer. To the best of my knowledge, they have not created any game that has brought any huge amount of revenue, but it is believed that they could be the company making the next Call of Duty.

Nothing like the smell Space Marines in the Morning

Activision has confirmed that, as of right now, they plan to launch a new Call of Duty game in the later part of 2011. As I have said, it is not confirmed which company will make the new game, but there are rumors coming around from Activision that the new title will be about Space Marines. I think this could be the death of Call of Duty, seeing as that it would just be an Activision making of Halo. In my opinion, it is extremely unwise of Activision to take the Call of Duty series to space, it started in World War II. I think they should either kill the series while they are ahead, or make an Black Ops 2 in some way. What do you think?

This has been The Moldy Donut saying, that is the way the cookie crumbles. Check out the Top 10 Series forums today!

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  1. Mad Dog says:

    Great post, good stuff. I dont believe they will make it spacey. They know better then to mess with that. One space mission may come from it, but not like Halo, they know that would break them, and I go for sledgehammer making the next one, and they havent made any revenue, as they simply havent made a proper game, only set up by Activision, at the departure of Zampella and West, the Infinty Ward boses, that been set up then, as surely got to make you think, that Activision wanted them for an upcoming Call Of Duty.
    UNLESS-If it were to be space, you dont think the arrival of Bungie may be back, with Activision, already, firing a quick blast at their known space missions, just with a new name, I hope not, just though I would throw that out there

    • klzthe13th says:

      Ok… If activision is making a Space based Call of Duty game, then I believe their best bet is to use Bungie… I don't think Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer, or Treyarch have enough experience with the Sci-Fi shooter genre… However to tell you the truth I think they should not go into that genre or else they would get pummeled by the next Halo game, assuming that 343 Industries learned anything from Bungie…

  2. A says:

    Halo didn't invent space video games…

    • asdf says:

      well if you played halo CE then you would know that you are in space… you are on a halo floating in space. and also at the beginning you are in a spaceship

  3. Toby says:

    Hmm, remember they are rumours. Back In the days of CoD 5 people believed that CoD 6 would be about UFOs and Aliens. What we got was very far off from the mark. As the tradition goes, Infinity Ward will make the next Call of Duty game, most likely Modern Warfare 3, which will take place just after the events of MW2. However I do agree that the CoD franchise should keep away from Sci – Fi. It just wouldn't feel like the game it used to be. Another thing to point out is the fact that quite a considerable amount of wars have been done by the Call of Duty franchise. Good post though ;)

    • GT: AceSim says:

      If you look at a timeline. Past, present and future. They did the past and the present. Now all is left is the future. I agree they should not make it if they have alien in it. It should just be Human VS Human. Think of it tho if would be cool or they just make is the present in space. With some kinda guns that would in space or it could take place in a outer space station or another planet like mars. Like the U.S and the Russians fighting of a planet.

  4. The Moldy Donut says:

    Toby, actually I do not think Infinity Ward will make it. A blog I read about this says that it is most likely going to be Sledgehammer

  5. Toby says:

    Hmm, well I guess i'm mistaken then! I think that having Sledgehammer make the next game is a gamble. As you said, they have turned in little revenue for their games. They will want to impress, and maybe overdo it a little. But if this is the case then MW3 could be out of the question. This could open up a hole in the market but hey we'll see I suppose!

  6. harun says:

    black ops have so bad gameplay and single player very bad mw2 realy perfect game ım waiting mw3

    • chuletron says:

      if you think mw2 was a nearly perfect game you must have some brain desease or you are a 12 year old
      black ops story is brilliant and its multiplayer its actually fun to play

    • iVillage says:

      black ops actually had a story line to it, mw2 didnt really have one

  7. Mad Dog says:

    Moldy, Toby, read my first comment properly, what about my vrazy conspiracy??

  8. Toby says:

    I think we can say it's pretty damn crazy XD.. Nah, it's an idea, and anything could happen so I guess we'll have to wait and see! The problem I have is the fact that the Space theme would ruin the franchise.

  9. Timotheus says:

    Please, no. This is just stupid.

  10. SAM I AM says:

    Call of duty+Halo+aliens= WTF is Activison smoking now?

  11. Cthom says:

    Zampella and West own the rights to the name "Modern Warfare". Seeing as how they are no longer at any of Activisions studios the next game cannot be "Modern Warfare 3".

  12. Ben says:

    OMG no that would be so stupid we already got halo we dont need another 1 mw2 was the best 1 mw3 would be the best thing 2 do

  13. Armadillo says:

    I'd definitely say that they should go for MW3 or something of that nature, but really they are basically turning into the people at EA sports, just releasing the same game at a quick pace with a few extra additions, but instead taking 2 years instead of 1. I say they go back and create the ultimate WW2 game, or create a fictional near-futures WW3 game. To be honest I'd be much happier if someone actually went and did Star Wars Battlefront 3.

  14. pepoxz says:

    it would be crazy to cut the story so call of duty, should not fig in space …. apart should finish making the most of black ops … but we'll see what will happen

  15. Zarcnest says:

    So basically its gonna be another Shattered Horizon but with console players also?

  16. sean says:

    CoD should deffinately not go sci-fi. i also dont think they should make any sequals like mw3 or b.o.2 they should make a new series but in older times like the vietnam war or the cold war. i would definately buy the next CoD game no matter what it is but making it spacy would crush it into the ground.

    • sean says:

      or make a ww3 game. this may upset some people with plot but im sure iv activision made it they could make it fun and fair for everyone. they could make mw3 i suppose but like 10 yrs on from mw2 and then actually listen to the community OR make a perfect game first time around i wouldnt mind waiting an extra half year for them to trial and test it to perfection or as close as they can get. it would also be nice if the price of CoD games dropped. wink wink, nudge nudge, hint hint

  17. cowboys says:

    space would be the gayest thing ever. people like the fact that there using real life guns. and if new game modern warfare 3 or black ops 2

    • mSTANG421 says:


      • Ambush says:

        The mw3 will nt b mw3 if its in the hands of sledgehammer as its a new developer they even dnt knw what a hardcore gamer needs,n regarding the fuckimg developer like treyarch u just stay out of the series of Cod.U r the one who spoils the repo of activision as well as the addiction of gamers.We dnt want this mw3 game so pethatic n fucking like black ops.Treyarch juss fuck ur selves with ur brutual creativity the ZOMBIES.Such disgusting !

      • Tierkilla99 says:

        astagfar rahil i thought halo and mw3 were the best games

  18. Josh says:

    I think they should definitely do a Modern Warfare 3. They should make it in the near-future, and maybe even bring in a touch of Sci-Fi. Like throughout the game there are 2 fronts trying to get to something, but you don't know what it is, but it's some kind of WMD. Then in the end, you get to it, and it's something like you've never seen before, a bit futurisitic. Then end it on a cliffhanger. Then the next CoD could carry on that story from finding that WMD and THEN possibly move into space.
    They've done multiple WW2 games, and they've now done something modern, but they can't really do the Afghan or Iraq war 'cause that would be another Battlefield, and may feel like CoD4. It may also be quite controversial, just like MoH had to change their game slightly for it to be acceptable. The only thing they have left is the future.

  19. Bakies says:

    Too bad guns dont work in space the ignition of gun powder requires oxygen

  20. RetroveT says:

    I heard it was going to be set in the future where did space come into play?

    They should def.not go back to WW1 or 2…i mean don't complain about them releasing a game and rehashing it every year and then within the same paragraph say you want another ww1/2 game…

    I purpose that they take it into the future…and I don't mean 2999ad…just near future…and then they should include evey modern or prototype gun out there and bring in character customization.

    Prestige is great and all but how about actually making it really worth it…like being able to have three or more attachments to a gun when you've prestiged for the 3rd time…just some thoughts

  21. Syndicaated says:

    Call of Duty going sci-fi, its going to be a new risk. Halo is already doing Sci-Fi, and Gears kind of sort of. I think they should stick to a Modern Warfare style. MW2 was alright except with the OMA, JTAGS, OP explosives, and OP shotguns. Black Ops is amazing except with the Quick ticking Claymores. Sci-Fi, won't kick off. Halo is in charge for sci-fi.

    • GT: AceSim says:

      I am a halo and cod fan but one game series cant be in charge of sci-fi. Its like say only final fantasy is in charge of rpg. I says it's about time COD takes a Risk. They have millions if not billions of dollars to fall back on if it blows in there face.

  22. Mark00agent says:

    MW3 or NO COD!

  23. GT: AceSim says:

    Just Because Halo and call of duty are big competitors does not mean Call of duty is copying Halo? Halo did not invent space warfare. I am both a COD and Halo fan and if COD want's to take on space warfare. Let them but not say they are copying Halo.

  24. GT: AceSim says:

    @Toby If you look at a timeline. Past, present and future. They did the past and the present. Now all is left is the future. I agree they should not make it if they have alien in it. It should just be Human VS Human. Think of it tho if would be cool or they just make is the present in space. With some kinda guns that would in space or it could take place in a outer space station or another planet like mars. Like the U.S and the Russians fighting of a planet.

  25. GT: AceSim says:

    @Syndicaated I am a halo and cod fan but one game series cant be in charge of sci-fi. Its like say only final fantasy is in charge of rpg. I says it's about time COD takes a Risk. They have millions if not billions of dollars to fall back on if it blows in there face.

  26. GT: AceSim says:

    i just notices you can reply. someone can deleted my "@" posts and this one.

  27. that guy with the face says:

    i think it would be really cool as long as they don't make it like halo I'm all for this idea

  28. that guy with the face says:

    and maybe if its like the movie "aliens" where the tech is futuristic but they still use bullets and shit like that

  29. Oddball Elite says:

    I beieve they will choose infinity ward, it is much better at making games. And I am pretty sure this COD will not be a Halo-like game, unless there are aliens. But who would really make a modern war game with aliens? It is not realistic. Activision and IW know better. I trust the will make a game ten times as good as Black ops.

    • Piraja27 says:

      Cod never been "realistic"! Think which is more realistic. That an agent kills thousands of guys or technology has improved in time its year 2533? And alien thing is only non realistic. And beside whats the point play game which is trying to be realistic? It sucks and you know it! Btw, real war isnt like in CoD… no-scoping, quick scoping and that kind of shit… And ppl ho think theyre cool cuz they play CoD is wanna be cool. Thanks.

  30. ECsonic18 says:

    what happen to modern warfare 3?

  31. SpLo0gIeR says:

    infinity ward already said that they dont want to make a mw3 so if activison decides to make a mw3 it wont be with infinity ward and. if call of duty does make a space game it will be the death of the franchise. black ops was good. there should be another black ops but it wont be anytime soon. at least not till 2012. mw3 wont be good if its not with infinity ward so dont expect a mw3 anytime soon either. maby activison should take a break for a year on the call of duty series and make black ops 2 amazing and not kill their series with a space game that is just like halo.

  32. Dv8FromTheWorld says:

    Recently i heard that Activision is considering an RPG based call of duty game, along with releasing a call of duty game like we all know. This may be the game that sledgehammer may make.

  33. mclempy600 says:

    Sledgehammer is making the next call of duty got to there website it says so

  34. SpLo0gIeR says:

    sledghammer and infinaty ward are making mw3 while raven does the multiplayer. call of duty space warfare isn't going to come out at least not this year.

  35. iCuStOm says:

    Sledgehammer as mclempy600 says is going to do the next game of Call of Duty and there are a lot of rumors that they are going to make MW3 but it is possible that they create they're story or a real event like Treyarch. I don't think so that there is going to be a Space Warfare in the Call of Duty franchise.

  36. TD Appocolapse says:

    good warfare??1 thats gay. dont ruin the biggest modern and ww2 shooter of all time with space. i love call of duty and halo , but bungie made the sci fi games awesome, but they better not make a cod game. eh maybe it would be neat but..idk. ifinity ward is amaizzzing and better make mw3. like somewhere in the near future with most the original weapons from cod mw2. and have it with a ww3 that originates some where that woould never have been thought of. and it should not just be all on one disk. exoand it. make it ( the campaign itself and special; missions) on 2 disks and have a separate multiplayer disk that comes with more than just customization. maybe more split screen games and yes a theater. justs because bungie make the theater mode doesnt mean they r the only company that can us it! but the Call of Duty series needs a climatic ending to finish off the games in a high note. make it wow people! thats what IW is good at. plus what is the idea of having one game for cod come out each year?? geez take some time to make a quality game! possiblyhave the games end in the next two or three games sayng that after all these years fighting off terrorists we finally found peace. although it isnt likely in the real world for a long while, it would sound awesome! say that the human race has finally found something that can be found in every person: the will to live freely and live good lives in a peaceful world.

  37. sam says:

    I submitted on 2/17 my crazy tomahawk I hope I get in if you want to add me on Xbox 360 my name is LetJet

  38. Broon says:

    What about Modern Warfare 3? MW2 ended with an opening to another sequel.

  39. x8 GRIFFIN 8x says:

    I agree MW2 did end opening to a third and final Modern Warfare game. They should focus on that instead. Cod4 is still freaking amazing cod6 is still great fun why would they stop halfway through such a great project.

  40. Kyle says:

    Ok, so halo and call of duty have been big hit games with huge midnight releases. Both games have their own ideas i would say to make them be unique. We have halo were you are the last spartan fighting for earth survival in a futurist game that makes it have its own uniqueness and you fight aliens and fligh way in space. While call of duty has always been on a war or a controvery of countries. Campaign has always been good and multiplayer speaks for itself as awesome. We've gone from world wars to just one country of a war. We have halo multiplayer for people that want to play a game that is futureist with alien guns and spartans and elites. while we have call of duty multiplayer with real guns and real life air support and people. So if both companies that have made these series have resigned or been fire as you say. And activision is always their for it. So if activision makes it they will not only destroy the meaning and relisticness of call of duty but make a halo type game that is a like a bad copy and make people mad therefore we should email activision and talk to them about rehiring Infinity Ward or talk to them about what i have just said or both

  41. Jordan says:

    COD will always be COD. It has never disapointed me. If you have fallowed the game till now and have been happy with there resaults in the gameplay and replay value, what is really to complain about?

    the only problem i have with cod is mw2> the graphics where good yes> the campaign was great yes. but the colours, map contrast, and unpatched glitches killed it. it is byfar the WORST game they made. Half the time you cant see were your going and if its a person or a wall.

    main things i loved where the story mode and the fact you can get nukes….. the again just get you A** on black ops and play nuke town EVERYONE gets a nuke lol.

    ANYWAYS… idgaf about what cod does with the new game ill just be happy to get a 2 shot kill with a ray gun online :p

  42. stephen says:

    they have said they have already made modern warfare 3and it is meant to be realeased late november . i would hate it if they made a space version of the game and i wouldnt buy it

    • Piraja27 says:

      Gosh… OMG CoD is changing! OMG! Get over it if its going to be space version so what? Finaly it gets something new in the game. So far CoD is being almost same verytime. A few kill new streaks and weapons textured again so look difrent. Some ppl would buy same Mw2 if there is named replaced whit Mw3…

      • LoL123 says:

        Not true… Call of Duty Series has changed ALOT!
        They have gone from WWII 1943 (CoD1,CoD2,CoD3,CoDWaW,CoDBRO,CoDFH,CoDUO)
        to the modern days (CoDMW,MW2,BO)
        and while simmiliar every game is diffrent…
        CoD4 was today time while MW2 had more futuristic things…


    No. B-Ops 2? Terrible idea. Infinaty ward should make a mw3 or something like a mw3.. Because mw2 is better than B-Ops. And whateva or whoeva is makin the next cod PLEASE MAKE AN ONLINE QS LOBBY!!!

  44. James says:

    There is a game that takes place in space… Its called Shattered Horizon… Look it up on steam

  45. ramonte says:

    its a another halo game yay my friend hates halo if its cod my friend would buy this game 343 Industries sould make this game

  46. james says:

    they should make it, it would be the best game of that year.

  47. Sam says:

    No more Black Ops, I think it's a good idea..
    The Call Of Duty franchise is well over due for a change!

  48. totototo says:

    Well if Call Of Duty is going to make it into space, why not make everything futuristic. I mean you went back to the world war warfare and to the modern warfare, is it time to make a break to the future warfare? Just don't make every possible look a-like to the Halo series, it sure will kill it.

  49. alireza says:

    i've played all of call of duties
    and i'm sure spce warfare gonna be a real game
    just imagine those actions sence in the space

  50. Ananay says:

    OMG !!!! its actually true in COD Ghosts there is space warfare !!!!!!

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