All New: Xbox 360 Special D-Pad Controller! Ready. Set. Play.

Every year, Microsoft never fails to impress gamers with its brilliant new ideas and products. From the fresh new dashboard, to the release of Xbox Kinect, comes the all new: Xbox 360 Limited Edition D-pad controller. This sleek new product includes an adjustable d-pad, to give a more classical feel with the traditional + sign, rather than have the somewhat “annoying” diagonals. Another new improvement is the concave design on the analog sticks, giving a more comfortable feel. This sleek n’ sexy silver, white, and black controller will run around $64.99 at your local retailer. Release date: Nov. 9th ( of this year of course) Release in Europe is said to be in Feb. 2011.

Now I know what most of the readers are thinking. “Om nom nom, I’m a troll and I see everything wrong with this product”, “Why spend $64.99 for a new pad and craters in my sticks?”, “Why?”. I’ll tell you something that comes deep from within the confines of my thoughts: Why not? Why not of course, if you’re made of money and have sensitive thumbs. I’m not shooting the product down, by all means it is a beautiful new controller with minor but helpful improvements. However, it is JUST a new product, not your last chance to beat the final boss in 10 seconds for that achievement. If you need a new controller: GO FOR IT! Want a new play toy and have the money: Why not? There’s a plus and minus with every new thing and frankly I say give it a chance, try it out at a friend’s house, see if you like it.

Click on Image to more product details provided by Amazon.

I give this new controller an 8/10. The design is new and smooth. The metallic gray is absolutely crisp, the d-pad is improved for all your mashing desires, and the concave design on the analog sticks seems to look promising. Though $65 seems a bit pricey for a new wireless controller, I see no reason not to get it if you need a new toy. Just hope you don’t get the red ring of death.

Just kidding. This is Amalos with your brief review, going offline. *bleep bloop*

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Rating 3.88 out of 5


  1. Mad Dog says:

    Good stuff mate, I just need to remember, to Put my name at the end of my next thing, lol, good job anyway, beautifuly written!

    • Toby says:

      Mad Dog, your name is at the bottom of the post in the Grey Box. =)

      I liked this article but I wouldn't agree with the "Fresh New Dashboard". Heh heh.

      Looks good, glad to see they're still working on the "Basics" of their Console.

    • Joshua says:

      ok i like that their thinking about this I'd like a tgslhily raised right stick for more accurate sniping (I'm the sniper in my clan*), slow release pressure trigger too, but if you were a soldier a raised right trigger fast spring would help, close combat raised bumpers.peaceDava*(and plzz nobody call me a camper, campers only exist because of small maps, if your really a sniper, you can handle a big map. end of. )

  2. Amalos says:

    Thanks mad dog, great work on your article too I meant to say. And Yeah toby I meant "fresh new" because almost everything new implemented by Microsoft has a……CLEAN feel to it. It'll take getting used to, but I like the pearly white finish :)

  3. Glink says:

    It would be better if you could go more in-depth on why and how the d-pad is different. Honestly it looks exactly the same to me except that it is more shiny now.

    • Amalos says:

      What more must I say about a D-pad that can go from an awkward + to a less awkward +. It's like telling you the difference between a napkin and a napkin with a flower pattern. There were minor improvements but yes it is basically a shiny controller.

    • Jetson says:

      That's 2 clever by half and 2×2 clever 4 me. Thnkas!

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